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Asbestos Removal Project Support

Like any sector, there are good and bad contractors in the asbestos removal industry.

I have been directly involved in tendering asbestos removal work as well as being actively involved in managing a large number asbestos removal projects. 


I have personal experience of the operators in licensed asbestos removal sector who do things properly as well as the ones who can make the project challenging and create problems. 


Let me use the  knowledge and skills I have gained to help you to get the best value from the asbestos removal contractor you choose .

I will work with you to carry-out an independent 'tender review'  to make sure that the removal contractor has allowed to do the work correctly.


As part of this I will review the methodologies being proposed by the contractor to ensure that shortcuts are not being taken and the work is being carried out in line with the Approved Code of Practice for the Management and Removal of Asbestos 2016.

Working with your independent asbestos assessor, I will make sure that you only spend what you need to spend and have a building free from the risk of asbestos containing materials.