• Gary Clarkson

Its ok not to be ok

Im writing this post from a viewpoint looking over Dunedin on a cold and dreich old day.

Which kind of reflects the way I've been feeling this week.

For those of you who didn't know, Tuesday 10th of September was World Suicide prevention day (bizarrely enough it was also my 25th wedding anniversary, but I digress).

Ive been thinking about how to post about this subject all week and every time I do, I end up getting pretty dark.

You see, last June a dear friend and colleague took his own life.

None of us seen it coming.

Nobody knew that he was feeling so bad that ending it all was all he had left.

It was shocking, confronting, devastating. all of those things, as you can imagine.

But the worst thing of all was the feeling of helplessness and that gnawing feeling that we had missed something, that we could have said something, done something.

There will be people in your life, either personal or professional, who are dealing with stuff that they find difficult. It may be personal stuff or work related. It doesn't really matter.

What matters is that they are supported to find their way through it.

So take a minute to check on your mates, colleagues and family. If they seem a wee bit out of sorts, talk to them, check they are ok. Just be there for them.

The sooner we make it ok to not be ok and that's its cool to ask for help the sooner we can prevent more families from the heartache of losing someone to suicide.

Do your bit. Don't be left wondering what if.

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