• Gary Clarkson

Reasonably Practicable - Yeah or Nah ?

Seen a couple of things over the last few days on the road which got me thinking if people really know what "Reasonably Practicable" means.

Let me show you 2 examples.

Its God's country right enough!

Example 1 - Touristy picnic spot.

That's Stewart Island in the background.

Pretty isn't it?

So Lyeta and I stop for lunch - I can recommend the blue cod and chips from Galley Takeway in Bluff, We wander onto this grassy spot, eat lunch and on the way out notice evidence of landfill and building material which appeared to be asbestos containing.

Fancy some added fibre with your picnic?

Then we spy the sign.

We're all doomed!

Chuck a sign up to keep people out of contaminated land

Reasonably Practicable

Yeah or Nah?

What do you reckon?

Example 2 - Fireman Sam would have a fit

No words needed for this one. What do you think

Reasonably Practicable

Yeah or Nah?

Tell me your thoughts.

I would love to hear what you think about your opinion of our communities view on what proper controls for risks is.

If you have any photos showing crazy ideas fo managing risks, share them with Me at gary.clarkson@albaconsulting.nz

Have an outstanding week.

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