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We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a public service announcement

I thought I might change direction for this blog and take the opportunity to share some love by bringing a few organisations/events/initiatives to your attention.

I AM HOPE is an initiative very close to my heart. Some of you may know my son went through some really challenging issues and having access to professional counselling was something Phyllis and I were hugely thankful for. Sadly a huge number of our tamariki aren't so fortunate.

I AM HOPE provide a marvellous support service to our young people. They are a youth and community focused support group run by The Key to Life Charitable Trust, started by Mike King.

For the last three years Key To Life have been promoting positive attitudinal societal change in schools and communities up and down the country, and funding private care and counselling for young people stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists. 


This Friday is Gumboot Friday where you can get involved by putting on your gumboots and donating some folding moolah to this fantastic cause. If you don't have gumboots, at least put your hands in you pocket and chuck them some love.

100% of your donation goes to the kids.

Donate Here

Have a Heart of Gold

I have been very fortunate to do some work with and for the good folks at the Order of St.John and let me tell you they are bloody good people.

They work incredibly hard to keep us safe when an emergency occurs and we are at our most vulnerable.

But did you know they are primarily funded through donations and many of those superheroes who turn up to help are volunteers. Crazy eh ?

Anyway, every year St.John hold a fund-raising campaign to ensure that they can come to our aid when the solids hit the air-conditioning.

This year the theme is Have a Heart of Gold, which is to raise funds to buy equipment and provide training to help our emergency responders save our wee ones. I think you'll agree a very worthwhile cause.

So why not skip that cup of trim goats milk chai mocha latte with sprinkles and donate a few dollars to help them on their way.

It will do your health good and help to put a smile on the face of our superheroes in green.

This is the end of this public service announcement, normal service will begin shortly.

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